Afternoon Tea Services and Catering

Whether you're visiting for a fun holiday getaway or you're a long-time resident of the area, taking part in afternoon tea leeds is often a great way to take a little break and enjoy a bit of relaxation. Afternoon tea is popular throughout the UK and can be enjoyed at home, in restaurants, tea rooms, and also in many hotels.

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What is Afternoon Tea 

Afternoon tea is taken between lunch and dinner, usually around 4 PM. This lovely custom provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy an afternoon break with family and friends, but it also offers other benefits. A little tea can help you stay hydrated and having a small bite to eat is an excellent way to keep your energy up and keep you satisfied until dinner.

Typically, afternoon tea will include light finger sandwiches, scones, cakes, tarts, and a pot of tea. Dress code is usually smart casual, meaning no athletic wear or trainers, but coats for men are generally not required.

Going Out for Afternoon Tea

It's always fun to go out for afternoon tea and in Leeds you'll have plenty of excellent options from which to choose. Whether you opt for a fancy hotel, a popular restaurant or a traditional tea room, you'll find a wonderful selection of tea options as well as delicious finger sandwiches and cakes to enjoy with your tea. While you can certainly enjoy an afternoon tea at home, chances are that you won't be able to replicate the variety and beauty offered by many of the most popular hotels and tea rooms.

Why choose a hotel for afternoon tea?

When you want the ultimate indulgence, enjoying afternoon tea in one of the beautiful Leeds hotels can be a wonderful experience. You'll find an excellent selection of teas in addition to amazing crustless finger sandwiches, a variety of scones, and gorgeous dainty cakes. Sometimes you simply want to relax in elegant surroundings while enjoying tea with family or friends and a hotel can be a wonderful choice. Hotels can provide you with the perfect afternoon tea experience as well as a wait staff that is trained to provide exceptional service without being intrusive.

When in Leeds, take some time to enjoy your afternoon tea in style. You'll have plenty of excellent options that will suit just about every budget and personality. Whether you're having tea alone, with a couple of friends, or your extended family, there's something for everyone.